Aftermarket IntelligenceData quality as foundation for business success

Data Quality is the foundation as well as one of the most important elements for a successful business in the Aftermarket of the Automotive Industry anywhere in the world.

After many years of experience in the Automotive Industry of the P.R. China, Aftermarket Intelligence is aware of the fact, that data quality is a unique asset a company has.

It is receiving a high degree of trust and is giving confidence in running a business. Data is very strategic, because it's used for both internal and external decision-making. Companies need that high degree of reliability from and high degree of confidence in data because it impacts your operation capabilities on a day-to-day basis.

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Aftermarket Intelligence The source for automotive data in the P.R. China

Aftermarket Intelligence is a leading provider of Automotive Data Service. The core strategic partnerships support us in being one of the most flexible, affordable, reliable, and trustworthy Automotive Data Services provider in the Automotive Industry in the P.R. China.

Aftermarket Intelligence supports the business development of international players in the Aftermarket by integrating predictive data and analytics into valuable business decisions. We support to develop and manage customer relationships to make businesses more profitable and keep pace with changing business priorities in providing them with a broad range of vehicle information data and quick access to technical information:

  • OE & IAM parts - Price Data
  • "Parts fits Vehicle" application data
  • OE & Cross Referebces
  • Vehicle Population Data
  • OE & IAM parts - Supplier Data
  • Maintenance Instruction

Aftermarket Intelligence has a broad existing database for the above-mentioned categories. However, customized data package is always available from us as required. Aftermarket Intelligence data services are highly dynamic and flexible to meet your unique business specifications – Our success is derived from performance levels that redefine the industry standard for response time, integration time and delivery.

Fluid specifications, capacity, maintenance schedule


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