Aftermarket Intelligence – Optimal Preparation for Business Success

Market Research is the most important component of business development strategies in the Automotive Aftermarket. It provides important information to identify and analyze the market needs, market size and competition and is a key factor to get advantage over other competitors in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Market Profiles

  • Market size
  • Market share
  • Market segmentation
  • Distribution channels

Customer Analysis

  • Customer behavior
  • Customer value
  • Customer preferences

Competitor Analysis

  • Current turnover and market share
  • Pricing structures
  • Products and services coverage
  • Marketing, advertising and branding


Aftermarket Intelligence provides one of the most comprehensive collections of quantitative & qualitative market research reports/surveys, forecasting and trends analysis, in both macro and micro perspective.


Aftermarket Intelligence - Your Decision Support System

Aftermarket Intelligence supports global players of the IAM in taking strategic decisions of the aftersales business by providing high-quality reports with deep insights and analysis - from quantitative market information and trends over competitor and product surveys to qualitative insights on customers behavior for markets of the automotive aftermarket.

Aftermarket Intelligence is offering Market Research designed for our clients specific needs, to fulfill their immediate as well as ongoing research requirements: Standard Syndicated Market Research, with in-depth analysis and deep segmentation to possible micro levels, as well as highly flexible Custom Market Research, that analyze the whole business eco-system and are totally adapted to our customers special requirements.

Based on Primary & Secondary Research techniques, Aftermarket Intelligence has a complete and current database of expert insights on the Automotive Aftermarket Sector of the P.R. China, like typical parts distribution channels in the Chinese aftermarket:

Service interval



Total Cost of Ownership



Customer preference measurement



Distribution channels